Metal Detector Club Italia joins ECMD

We are happy to announce that European Council for Metal Detecting has now extended its membership to an Italian organisation – Metal Detector Club Italia. Below is a short message from its president, Francesco Manzella:

“Metal Detector Club Italy  the first and unique Italian Club for Metal Detecting lovers officially recognized by law as a “recreational – cultural association.” We chose this kind of corporate due to the fact that in Italy the figure of “Detectorist” is unfortunately not officially recognized by law.
Our club is quite young but compared to other Italian unofficial groups, we clearly set our “mission” and our constitution on the full respect of the national legal framework which bounds, in some way, our hobby. We have preferred to create an association recognized by law because we believe that it is time to change cultural approach and rules, allowing our passion to “emerge” from obscurity.
Our Club is famous in Italy for having collaborated with Institutions, having officially delivered some historical and archaeological precious finds and for being always ready to “educate” our members on how a true Detectorist must behave in respect of national laws.
One feature that distinguishes us is the monthly contest which may consist in quizzes, tests or photographic competition through which we renew and strengthen the spirit of unity in our club and provide “instructive pills” about all the laws and regulations that every good Detectorist must know.
In this “adventure” I am pleased to have a vice president of our club, Fabrizio Fiorito. At the same time, I am receiving a big cooperation and support from our friends Leonardo Ciocca and Edoardo Meacci. The first is an expert about technical issues, he is famous for his book “Teoria e Tecnica Avanzata del Metal Detecting” (“Advanced theory and techniques of Metal Detecting”), a technical guide which explains the metal detector’s electronic. Leonardo is also the director of the Italian blog AMDTT ( and president of the “Lega Italiana Metal Detecting Hobbistico – LIMH”, a league which includes some detecting Clubs and some Facebook groups. MdClub Italy is a big supporter of this League piloted by Leonardo. The second one, Edoardo Meacci is the writer of the book “Il Metal Detecting Amatoriale” (“The amateur Metal Detecting”), he is an Italian Air Force Lieutenant Colonel who has a deep knowledge of national and international laws and regulations that rotate around our hobby. His book, a sort of handbook which describes how to perform a meticulous metal detecting, is the first and only one, in Italian language, which deals with the complete landscape of laws and challenges concerning our hobby. With Leonardo and Edoardo we are trying to give legal recognition to this fantastic hobby in Italy, even though we already know that it will be a long and difficult process full of cultural and legal difficulties.
We are sure that the partnership and cooperation with the ECMD will give us the strength to reach shared and common goals with other nations and, at the same time, conquer an important acknowledgment in our country.”

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