Polish echoes of ECMD conference


“Odkrywca” monthly magazine dealing with exploration, history, World War II mysteries and metal detecting, published in Poland, has printed a short report about the ECMD conference. Piotr Maszkowski, editor-in-chief of “Odkrywca”, was one of the members of Polish delegation at the Birmingham conference and so could observe the proceedings at first hand. He notes the support of our friends from National Council for Metal Detecting (NCMD), lists the international attendees and describes major concerns voiced by the delegates. The author also points out the difficulties facing Polish metal detectorists and expresses hope that the ECMD will provide an adequate stimulus for those advocating unification of metal detecting enthusiasts in Poland. We are told that in the next edition of “Odkrywca” there will be an extensive article about ECMD aims. We are certainly looking forward to it.


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