Metal detecting rally in Abruzzo, Italy.

Summer is the season when metal detecting rallies kick off, even in places like Italy, where the sun is almost always present. At the July rally organised in the San Pio delle Camere, region of Abruzzo, east of Rome, two different metal detecting clubs joined forces for the first time. One was the “Idetectoristi Italiani” and the other was “Metal Detecting Club Italia”, which is officially representing Italy in the European Council for Metal Detecting. Present was Francesco Manzella , President of MDC Italia, along with Leonardo Ciocca and Edoardo Meacci , active members of ECMD. Around 80 detectorist coming from many Italian regions, including Sardinia and Sicily, took part in this event. It was organized over two days and the base was in a fantastic “agriturismo” (country farm) called “Centuria”, which provided hospitality to all participants.
The first day was a typical “icebreaker”, when everybody had the opportunity to practice free detecting in surrounding fields and in the evening talk about any relevant metal detecting issues and also of course to get know one another and enjoy each other company. On the second day the official rally began. Two different competitions took place, supported by numerous sponsors with great prizes. It was fantastic to see youngsters enjoying their first taste of metal detecting and mingling with “old hands”.
The location was superb and the reception excellent, notwithstanding that this part of Italy was hit by a severe earthquake in 2009.
Altogether a great event during which our members had a chance to explain the goals of the ECMD and promote the case for responsible metal detecting.

Text: Edoardo Meacci. Photos kindly provided by Anna Santoro



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