Belgium joins ECMD!

It gives us a great pleasure to welcome a new member of ECMD – it’s NVD-ANP – Nationale Vereniging van Detectoristen – Association Nationale des Prospecteurs, which is one of the biggest metal detecting association in the Flanders region of Belgium and the only one with the status of Non Governmental Organisation. The aim of the association is to improve the collaboration with archaeologists and to defend the rights of metal detectorists. A core team of the association is already actively involved with archaeologists in many research projects, including “Waterloo Uncovered”. NVD-ANP will officially represent Belgium in ECMD. We’re very happy to have them in our organisation as the Flemish example of laws and regulations related to metal detecting is clearly a right step forward (we wrote about it in detail here: Metal detecting in Flanders ) and shows that a working compromise can be achieved between archaeologists and detectorists, if only both sides are willing to talk and seek consensus. You can check the NVD-ANP website here: NVD-ANP

nvdanp_diggers (1)



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