ECMD at the archaeological conference in Slovenia

“Guardians of the contexts” – towards (more) responsible use of the European archaeological resources. This was the name of the international conference on the legislation, strategies and principles for the inclusion of the amateur archaeologists & metal detectorists into the scientific research and heritage protection schemes, and consolidation of the legal framework and practical measures for the prevention of looting and illegal trade in antiquities. Conference took place in the capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, and was organised jointly by Slovenian Archaeological Society, Committee on the Illicit Trade in Cultural Material of the European Archaeological Association (EAA) and the Iron Age Danube Project. Delegates came from United Kingdom, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, Slovenia, Romania, Slovakia and Austria. European Council for Metal Detecting was represented by our colleagues from “History Network in Austria”, who presented the idea of responsible metal detecting and possible solutions to conflicts between metal detectorists and law makers in different European countries. More details about the conference and published papers will be coming shortly.

Foto: Jan Marik

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