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As we already informed, during the Norwich Conference we have elected new members of the board and significantly altered the way the ECMD works. We have introduced 12 months rotational Presidency (starting with Italy) and extended the board to include additional Vice President and Spokesman/International Project Coordinator (elected every 3 years in the same manner as our Treasurer). Let’s now take a closer look at people behind the current ECMD team:


Born in 1965 in Rome, he spent his childhood between Italy and Germany (9 years) and when he was 19, joined the Italian Air Force as Air Defence Controller. During his army career he had the opportunity to work inside the NATO structures, twice on foreign assignments (Belgium and Germany). Still in active service today, with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, and currently assigned to the Italian Centre for Defence Innovation, inside the General Defence Staff, he deals with space and cyberwarfare issues at strategical and political level.

Since early childhood in love with sunken ships & treasure hunting stories, archaeo-discoveries and mysteries; all dreams and passions that later have been transformed into a deep interest in scientific, archaeological and historical matters. Detectorist since 1982, when he bought his first “Coinmaster 1000 Series-3”. Currently a Vice President of the Italian Metal Detecting Federation (FIMD). Loves his XP Deus and White’s V3i and, of course, his GPS 😉 Also known on the web as Eddie and “Asmix”.


ECMD Vice President: ROBBIN ASK

33 years old, born in Sweden. Metal detecting since 2010. One of the founders of Sveriges Metallsökarförening  main Swedish metal detecting organisation. For the past 4 years Chairman of the SMF. Created a number of organized club events, with special permission allowing the participants to search for older artefacts than current legislation actually allows. Promotes and takes part in Sweden’s first pilot project, where museums, county administrative boards, the Riksantikvarieämbetet RAÄ (National Heritage Board) cooperate actively in the field, which is seen as very promising also for the future of metal detecting in Sweden. He works at the nuclear power plant. His hobbies include aerial/drone photography and gold prospecting (with own dredge). Uses two main machines – Minelab Excalibur and XP Deus.


ECMD Vice President: ILIYA ILIEV

Born in 1970 in Bulgaria. Passionate about metal detecting since 1992. He is the founder and Chairman of the first metal detecting organization  in Bulgaria in 2000.  Using the experience of this regional organization, in 2009 he was the founder of the Bulgarian National Metal Detecting Federation. Iliya is a Professional Truffle Hunter and a trainer of dogs used to find truffles. His hobbies include numismatics, history and cultural tourism.
Favourite Metal Detector – Minelab GPX4000.

ECMD Treasurer: REG MEAD

74 years of age, married with two children and three grand-daughters.  One of the three founding members of the Jersey Detecting Society in the late 1970s, formed in order to fight the proposed total ban on metal detecting in Britain. Actve detectorist since 1958, when his brother acquired an ex – army mine detector. For the past 40 years acting President of Jersey Detecting Society and in that time involved in many amazing discoveries, including the famous Grouville Hoard Passionate about history and archaeology since his teens. Previously involved in the development of TV, Radio and Intercom Systems. Current machines used are  C-Scope CS6MX,  Tesoro Tejon and the XP Deus.
ECMD Spokesman/International Project Coordinator: IGOR MURAWSKI
Born in 1968 in Poland. Fascinated by archaeology and treasure hunting since childhood – obtained his first (hand made) metal detector in 1978. Co-founder and Chairman of Polish Historical Exploration Club “Thesaurus” , elected first President of the European Council for Metal Detecting. Founder and editor in chief of metal detecting/adventure magazine “Poszukiwacze”. Actively involved in the campaign for the fair legislation relating to metal detecting in Poland. Engaged in various international research projects, including search for lost ancient and medieval battlefields, sunken wrecks and solving historical and archaeological mysteries. Author, translator, public speaker and a tour guide. Loves travelling, reading and animals. His current favourite machines are Minelab CTX3030, Rutus Alter 71 and Golden Mask Deep Hunter Pro2.
For more information or to get in touch with our team, please write to: or use Contact us form.

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