Great news from Belgium – law related to metal detecting will change in Wallonia!

Metal detecting allowed in Wallonia with special license.
This news has yet to be confirmed by publication in official government policy document but it looks like from the 1st of June 2019 metal detecting in Wallonia will be fully legal for Belgian citizens, after applying for a special permit. Our sources confirm that a workable compromise, which was the goal of metal detectorists, archaeologists and the government since 2016, has finally been reached in Wallonia, French speaking region of Belgium. Until now metal detecting was only allowed in Flanders, Dutch speaking, northern part of Belgium, but the system of special licenses and responsible metal detecting practice, with some adjustments, will now be allowed in other parts of the country. The system will differ slightly from the Flemish one as licences will be renewable on a yearly basis, all finds need to be recorded in a special database and detectorists must agree to a special training provided by government agencies. It is without doubt a big breakthrough for which all responsible, law abiding metal detectorists have been waiting for. It is hoped that this solution will help to preserve historical heritage in Belgium but also be a sign for other countries in Europe that a compromise and common sense is the best route forward. We will be publishing details of the agreement and official policy soon.
More details about the existing laws in Flanders can be found here:

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