Metal detectorists and archaeologists meet during a special event in Belgium

It was the first time that Belgian metal detectorists and archaeologists met during an official event, which aimed to present finds and positive impact of responsible metal detecting on national heritage. Recent changes in law permitted legal searching for archaeological artefacts on the territory of Flanders with a special government licence. During a special event organised by Brussels Erfgoedlab (Open Source project) and supported by the Free University of Brussels, part of a broader citizen science project that aims to digitize archaeological finds, detectorists were able to present their finds for identification and take part in a range of activities and workshops, including recording finds in the new database called MEDEA  , as well as meet other detectorists from Flanders. The event, called “Day of the Metal Detectorist”, took place in Roman Archaeological Museum in Oudenburg in Flanders, where the exhibition entitled “Forgotten – Metal Finds From the Flemish Coastal Region, 600-1100 AD” is currently taking place. Many really spectacular finds from the early medieval period are on display and the key role of metal detectorists is clearly explained. Organisers plan to extend the range of activities and events and hope that they will be able to present the important role of responsible metal detecting.

Photo: ECMD, EOS Wetenschap, Anna Brzezinska.


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