New activities on MEDEA platform

New platform for registering metal detecting finds in parts of Belgium – MEDEA – is going from strength to strength. There are already some interesting finds on its website (over 300 in total), including very rare Merovingian gold tremissis coin. Finds range from Roman to 19th-20th century. Also, a new research group has been created, which will look in detail at medieval scabbard fittings. Yesterday (18th of June) a new exhibition was opened at the Raversyde Museum, which will present metal detecting finds related to the Flemish coastline between 600-1100 AD. On the 18th of July MEDEA members will have an opportunity to visit the Waterloo Uncovered, a ground breaking international project, combining battlefield archaeology, metal detecting and other aspects of research at this hugely important historical site.

Photo credits: Medea,

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